Stop-motion with children








Stop-motion workshop is an interactive animation class where we will create a video clip starring the children. They will fly, disappear, reappear, walk through walls and do all sorts of fun stunts that are impossible in the real life!

Stop-motion workshop is suitable for a small family celebration and for any public event. Participation of each guest in the stop-motion transformation takes about 5-15 minutes. The age limit is 6 years, but stop-motion is most interesting for adolescents aged 10+ .


Stop motion for kids is cool because:


• children love outdoor games

• shooting process is fun

• you can immediately see the result

• memorable video clip as a gift

• themed props are available (hats, masks, magic wands)


The price includes:


• work of a stop-motion operator

• creative idea

• set of props

• photo processing

• video clip montage




• space of at least 4 square meters

• no flashing light nearby

• one-color wall or photowall

• access to electricity

• table for props (size doesn't matter)

• 3 chairs


You can choose the animation technique you are interested in here.


*Stop-motion is an animation technique, video material obtained from a sequence of frames taken by a camera or selected from a video.