Animation workshop with children








Alternative leisure for children!

Animation workshop is a good way to spend time with children, it is a great fun, not boring (the program is specially created for kids of various age!) and beneficial for the development of a young explorer!


Workshop is...

A class (of about 1,5 -2 hours), involving active participation of children in the process. Children invent an idea and the scenery, develop characters, shoot and voice a cartoon. The entire process takes place under the guidance of an animation artist. And at the end of the workshop they will watch a complete cartoon in a draft!


What is the benefit of animation?

Children's animation is a special art form, independent and self-sufficient. Psychological discharge, development of imagination, fine motor skills training, socialization and development of team-work skills – these are not all the benefits of the animation workshop with children!


Workshop for a birthday party!

"What could I present to the beloved child as a birthday gift?"
The answer is simple – animation workshop! This gift will be memorable for the child for a long time! It will be a real event in the his or her life, because all children love cartoons, but not everyone has the opportunity to make their own cartoon!


Animation at school!

Mobile animation workshop is suitable for a classroom. Open lesson at school, graduation party - any event will be specially noted by creating and watching a cartoon. As an option we will make a cartoon asa project at school for any subject (science, maths, biology, etc)


The workshop is easy to organize!

Animation workshop has an mobile format - this means that we will come to you with everything required. All you need to have is a table and access to electricity. Call and make your children happy!


Program timing:

1.5 hour class with children, modeling and shooting, 30 minutes on a rough montage to show the cartoon straightaway at the event. Real timing depends on the quantity of the children: 1-12. This timing for a group of 5 children.


You can choose the animation technique you are interested in here.


The price includes:

• work of an animation artist
• creative idea
• materials for modeling/drawing
• photo-video equipment
• video clip montage (the final video clip will be sent onto your email within 1-5 working days)


Workplace requirements:

• table for shooting (smth like a school desk, not plastic and not glass!)
• another table and chairs for the participants to model or draw while sitting; if there`s no enough furniture, it`s possible to use one table for work and for shooting, but this is less convenient;
• access to electricity nearby;
• absence of active entertainment nearby;
• no flashing light or backlight nearby.